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Fine Rug Cleaning

In Depth provide an oriental rug cleaning service and great care is taken in this process. We appreciate the value a fine rug can represent. Cleaning is carried out at our unit or in the home. In Depth will collect your rug and after cleaning deliver it back to your home, this service is free of charge. All rugs are pre-tested for colourfastness. Marks and stains are specially treated. Utilising the latest technology, great effort and care goes into the cleaning of each rug. We also take care to clean the fringes, as these are often the dirtiest part of the rug.

Please note, that the cleaning of rugs is carried out in my own custom built cleaning unit.

Deep cleaning and Drying of precious Oriental Rugs

Deep cleaning and Drying of precious Oriental Rugs

Before cleaning

Deep cleaning and Drying of precious Oriental Rugs

After cleaning

Spot & Stain Removal

In Depth offer a Spot, Stain and Odour Removal Service. As Chris Phillips has undertaken specialised Stain removal training, you can be sure that you will be receiving a First Class Service.

We do not guarantee the removal of all spots and stains, this would be misleading – not all spots and stains can be removed. The success rate is dependent on what the stain is, how long it has been there and whether any other products have been used to treat the stain (as this can sometimes make them worse!).

A survey of the spots and stains will tell you whether they will be removed. Spots and stains that cannot be totally removed can be treated with other products that can minimise their appearance; Chris will be more than happy to discuss this method with you if necessary.

Our Spot and Stain aftercare service is available to customers. If you should need advice on how to remove a stain please contact Chris who will advise you of the prompt action to take.

Removing wine stains

Image showing Stain

Red Wine Stain on Cream Carpet

Image showing stain removed

The Same Stain after Treatment

Our Spot and Stain aftercare service is available to customers. If you should need advice on how to remove a stain please contact Chris who will advise you of the prompt action to take.

Grout Re-Colouring and Sealing

In addition to In Depth’s professional cleaning and restoration of natural stone, a developing and increasingly popular service is grout restoration/re-colouring and sealing.

Offering maximum stain resistance and 10 great colours to choose from. The colour transformation has no boundaries; for example going from dark to light. Customers have been delighted with the transformation of their tiles.

Available Colours
Black Cappuccino Charcoal Grey Chocolate Ivory
Light Grey Limestone Natural Grey Sandstone White
(Colors are displayed as accurately as possible. Some colors below may not represent exact grout colors. They may appear differently on computer monitors with different resolutions).

Grout Re-Colouring and Sealing

Image showing Stain

Odour Removal

The odour removal service provided by In Depth utilises chemical properties that make it one of the most effective and safest sanitising systems on the market. The deodorising fluids when used with the Fogging Machine attack and destroy Bacteria such as E.coli, MRSA and Straphylococcus (and those listed below) whilst completely killing all odours including tobacco, mould / damp, pet smells, sweat and dairy. Our deodorising system enables you to remove unpleasant odours and Bacteria on a molecular level, effortlessly, safely and permanently. Each agent also has a scent so as well as killing the odours, it leaves a lasting fragrance.

This process is also ideal for cars.

Viruses Spores Fungi/Moul Bacteria
Noro virus Bacillus subtilis Candida albicans Campylobacter
Calici virus Clostridium difficile Aspergillus niger Corynebacterium bovis
Parvo virus Aspergillus niger spores   Rhodococcus equi
SARS Ebola     E. coli
      Salmonella choleraesuis
      Salmonella typhimurium
      Listeria monocytogenes
      Proteus vulgaris
      Staphylococcus epidermidis
      Staphylococcus Aureus Including MRSA
      Klebsiella pneumonae
      Enterococcus hirae
      Serratia marcescens

Mattresses & Pillows

Mattresses & Pillows are thoroughly vacuumed using Hunter vacs with Hepa filters for allergy cleaning and then treated with AllergSTOP® to eliminate allergens. You will be supplied with a sealed plastic bag containing the removed soil, so you can see "who you have been sharing your bed with".

Carpet & Upholstery Protection

Protect Nano is a water base fluorochemical polymer which imparts excellent oil and water repellency to carpets and textiles.

Protect Nano is a new nano particulate fibre and fabric protection treatment, which can be used to protect Both carpet and upholstery from both dry and oil/water based soiling, the treatment when applied forms an invisible protective, UV stable, breathable barrier to the fibres.

It does not change the look or feel of the fibre, the repellent finish is effective against water, coffee, tea, red wine, most liquid spillages will pearl off the treated fibre. It can be applied with equal success to new carpet or freshly cleaned carpets that is damp or dry.

Protect Nano does not adversely effect other topical treatments such a flame retardants, or anti static coatings.Spillages should not be left untreated and should be removed by applying a dry absorbent cloth to the surface allowing the liquid to drawn from the surface, do not rub, simply blot lightly to remove.

Carpet Repairs

Small repairs can be carried out on tufted and woven carpets such as for cigarette burns to the same construction of the manufacturer.

Curtain Cleaning

In Depth offer a professional curtain cleaning service. Just like carpets, your curtains act as air filters and they catch and hold airborne dust and odours.

In Depth clean your curtains as they hang at your windows; with our special equipment there is no need to take your curtains down. We clean all around the edges and after the cleaning procedure your curtains will look, smell and feel great.

Curtain Cleaning